About Pooja Saran


Hi there! I’m Pooja Saran, an experienced Behavioural Analyst, and Investigator. I am a Handwriting Expert and a Body Language Specialist.

Working with brands like Pepsi, Emirates, Times of India and Damac, and training people at different profiles ignited my passion to understand human behavior at a more deeper level.  I started my search for finding the science that can help me read the subconscious personality without judging the character. And I came across three secret ingredients to make the magic sauce, Handwriting Analysis, Behavioural Investigation, and NLP. 

I am a graduate from Handwriting University, USA and a proudly authorized mentor for the university professional courses. 

My experience in the training field took me on another journey of understanding people not only from their handwriting but also what their body language reveals. People’s Skill, another passion of mine took me to graduate from the Science of People, USA a research-based professional programme on What drives our behavior? Why do people act the way they do? And most importantly, can you predict and change behavior?

 This amazing combination of analyzing the subconscious mind and investigating conscious behaviors gave birth to Neuroguide, Your life guide for a lifetime. 


Since you found your way to my corner …. You just might be ……

·      The one wants to save your company’s time and money by detecting a candidate’s true personality much before hiring them  

·      A teacher with a passion to understand their pupil well and counsel them according to their true potential 

·      A parent who inspires their kids to have high self-esteem, more confidence and become a good human being with a strong character. 

·      The one who feels that people around you don’t understand you well.



Steve Maraboli said “Smile at strangers and You just might change a Life”. Pooja did exactly the same. We met as strangers and through her guiding skills, she just reframed my neuropathways and changed my life for best.
Her Counseling and suggestions helped me to know my inner strength and transformed my weaknesses and fears to my potentials. Pooja helped me to live the life of my dreams. As an amazing torchbearer, she is a true “Neuroguide” Connect with Pooja and change your life forever.
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Khyati Vasaiwala
I really feel good to have been associated with Pooja as a mentor.She is very thorough with her knowledge and very very dedicated. Most importantly she is very professional and persistent with her followups, and above all a beautiful human being.
Sessions with Pooja were very insightful.She guides us through with each aspect of our life like a true mentor. I could actually feel the difference in me when I started following what she told me to do. I knew I was missing with something in my life and Pooja did a fantastic job of introducing me to the new 'Me' which I never knew existed. I thank her from the bottom of my heart and would recommend her to all my contacts.Wish her all the health and success.
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"Pooja Saran is incredibly friendly, great listener, and a very talented natural coach. She took me through a PRISM assessment session where her analysis of my handwriting was spot on. Then she designed my Mission Statement in a way that resonated with me and my values.
She has inspired and motivated me many times to stay on focused on my goals. Pooja is an amazing human being and I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to design and live the life of their dreams!”
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Paula A. Faccio
My journey in the Prism Life Design session actually started in 2018, With Pooja Saran as our instructor from Handwriting University, CA She is amazing as a person and as a Trainer goes beyond the syllabus to help you.
She is patient in handling the queries. And has good command over her subject. It is an amazing feeling to be associated with her. Thank you Pooja. God Bless you.
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Shweta Gupta
Thanks a lot to Pooja for a great insight about my Life Mission in the Life Assessment Session. The way you approached the questions and gave the ranking to the values, which are very important for me for my career is really helpful.
You are an energetic and positive person who always inspire and easy to talk with. The suggestions you gave me to enhance in my career are helpful. I want to wish you all the best for your future endeavours.
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Nidhi Gupta